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Why Maintenance Management……
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Equipment Malfunctions

Equipment malfunctions have a direct impact on: Production capacity Production costs Product and service quality Employee or customer safety Customer satisfaction... read more...

Maintenance Management

Maintenance is often organized and performed without proper measures to determine its impact on the business’s success read more...

Why Earthing or Grounding
In general any earthing system needs to satisfy three demands:

Lightning and short circuit:
The earthing system must protect the occupants, prevent direct damage such as fire, flashover or explosions due to a direct lightning strike and overheating due to a short-circuit current.

The earthing system must conduct lightning and short-circuit currents without introducing intolerable step-voltage and touch-voltages.

Equipment protection and functionality:
The earthing system must protect electronics by providing a low impedance path to interconnect equipment. Proper cable routing, zoning and shielding are important aspects and serve the purpose of preventing sources of disturbance from interfering with the operation of electrical equipment.